There are certainly no shortage of commercial real estate agents wanting to do business with you. However, John and Nellie Lazar’s approach is to be more responsive, client-focused and team-driven. Their goal is to redefine in your mind what a full-service commercial real estate team is all about.

Because John Lazar is involved in local politics, he has a vested interest in the success and effectiveness of your real estate investments and transactions. John and Nellie will develop a customized solution for all of your real estate needs and because of their knowledge of the local area are able to offer comprehensive and quality service not only in Turlock, but also in the surrounding communities.

For a pro-active approach to all of your real estate needs, both commercial and residential, give John Lazar a call at (209)668-5047 or Nellie Lazar a call at (209)602-7070.