Step 1. Schedule a Virtual Appointment

Schedule a phone call, a zoom call or a Facebook Live – we can meet virtually and work out the details.

4 Reasons to schedule a virtual appointment with Lazar Real Estate Services

Virtual Meetings are convenient

You can meet with a REALTOR at a time that is convenient for you, and from a location that is convenient for you… i.e. in your pajamas, early in the morning – or even late in the day, even when you are out of town. Your REALTOR can share a computer screen with you, showing you details that you might not get a chance to see otherwise.

Saves Time and Stay Organized

You’re constantly juggling multiple priorities. It is easy, just go to a webpage and choose a time that works for you AND your REALTORS, John and Nellie Lazar. A scheduled appointment takes care of scheduling and confirming your appointments so you don’t have to deal with the back and forth phone calls.

Enhanced Communications

You want and need consistent communications. It’s important for your Realtor to keep you in the loop with frequent updates regarding their listing. An appointment service schedules and confirms each appointment, communicate the details back to you, and sends communications and to the Lazars on your behalf via email, text, and automated calls, and, in some cases, via mobile app.

Increase Feedback

Regular feedback from your REALTORS keeps you in the loop and can lead to a quicker sale. A scheduled appointment gives you a chance to exchange the feedback that is important for you and your REALTORS, John and Nellie Lazar to keep the real estate transaction forward.

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