One Simple Way to Upgrade and Add Value to Your Home

Just this weekend I realized that we’ve updated much of our lighting over the past year and it’s made a huge visual difference.

Lighting is a great way to fully show off your personal style, keep your home feeling current, and you have to have light to see so it’s super functional.

In the past year we changed out some overhead lights in our bedroom and porch, added some new lamps and updated lamp shades, hung a pair of unexpected statement sconces in the living room, and since we fished the upstairs at the end of last year, I had a chance to add a new chandelier to my office and lighting in the halls.

sconces: longmade co

I love updating lighting because you can make a big style change for a relatively small investment.

Plus, ceiling lighting and wall sconces are considered an upgrade to your home because they’re attached to the house. Double win!


Such an easy way to add value to your home and make a huge visual change.

We’ve had a wood bead chandelier in our dining area for years.

I still really like the light, but I felt like the strong style was really bossing the room.

Plus, it felt a little dark and heavy and I wanted a fresh, more airy light that still had lots of visual presence.

I’m really happy with the Sawyer Chandelier and how it opens up the room.

It’s a fantastic price, available lots of places herehere, there’s a six-light version here, and has lots of style and presence without being too chunky.

There’s even a two-tier version if you have higher ceilings.

And if you’re wondering, I’ll sell the old light at The Nest Fest or on Facebook marketplace.

Changing out overhead lighting isn’t just for homeowners, in our last house, a rental, we switched out a few overhead lights in the main rooms and then switched them back to the builder-grade lights before we moved out.

It was SO worth the little bit of trouble. I wrapped the original lights in trash bags, labeled them, and stored them in the attic until we moved out.

Plus, the light over the bed in the photo above was a $15 second-hand find from a thrift store, you don’t have to buy new to make a big change.

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